Farewell to Elizabeth Glodowski – secret project!!

Saturday, May 30th from 5:00-7:00pm in the church Fellowship Hall


As you know, we are saying Good-bye to Miss Glodowski at the end of this year. We’d like to send her off with a book of school and student memories, created by your children. Please print off the attached form to have your child complete at home and return to school. Please return to Mr. Hella or Mrs. Dyrssen and NOT Miss G. so we may keep this a secret.

On the form, we’d like each child to share a memory they have of Miss G. It could be from her class or about her. It can be something they love about her, why they will miss her, why she was such a great teacher, something funny that happened in her class or with her. It could be about a game, play, field trip, recess, lunch event or anything. Then have your child add a drawing as well. It can be a drawing that goes with what they wrote, or just something they want to share with her.
All these memory forms will be collected and made into a book for Miss G and presented to her during her Farewell Dinner May 30th.
Thank you for taking the time to help us create this memory book!

Liz’s farewell form