Bible Basics Class

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Please contact office for current days and times

Babysitting will be provided

The purpose of the class is to explore the Bible and find there answers to life’s most important questions. God still speaks to us today through the Bible where he answers such questions as


What is the purpose of my life?

How can I be sure that God is speaking to me in the Bible?

How can I become absolutely certain of life that continues beyond the grave?

In this rapidly changing world, how can I know what is right and what is wrong?

How can I experience the power and blessings of prayer?

How can I find lasting joy and deep peace in my life?


The course prepares for membership in the Lutheran Church, if at the conclusion of the course you desire to take that step. But you are more than welcome to participate even if membership in the Lutheran Church is not your goal. Over the years I have taught this course to hundreds of people. Many have told me that their lives have been turned around through what they have learned in this course. That has not been through my doing, but through what God himself has done for them as we have studied the Bible together. I would love to share with you the Good News that is found in this holy book.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Wayne Uhlhorn.